The NYC Private School Admissions Handbook

The NYC Private School Admissions Handbook: An Insiders’ Guide to the NYC Admissions Process from Nursery Through On-Going Schools

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We want to help bright and talented parents who are put in an impossible situation: navigating the crazy and competitive world of New York City private school admissions. We offer you huge amounts of warmth, caring, and most importantly, expert knowledge that has been accumulated over the past 15 years. You are getting real advice from our real experiences! Use this book as your guide for valuable wisdom. Maintain your sense of humor and keep your spirits up! Look at this as an opportunity to discover many magical and unique schools. We are here to help you navigate through this entire challenge. Going through this process is so much more than a cerebral one. It is an emotional, crucial, soul-searching time in your life.

We came from two very different worlds, different sensibilities, and different cultures. Yet we share many similarities, common goals, and aspirations.

Jennifer Brozost


Jennifer grew up in Philadelphia. She has a Masters in Education from Columbia University with an advanced degree in the Teaching of Reading and Writing. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, Marshall, two children Ari, Sofia, and their dog Calvin.

Vimmi Shroff


Vimmi grew up in India. She moved to the United States after her marriage. She has a Masters in Education from New York University. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, Sanjay, and two boys Vivaan and Sumair.

Our Experience

We have worked in admissions in the top New York City private schools, collectively, for the past 15 years. We have navigated this process, successfully, for our own children. Both of us have worked as either directors of admissions and/or admission officers and have been involved in all aspects of the process, interviewing parents, overseeing children’s playgroup visits, and reading thousands of completed files to obtain those precious few acceptances.

We have worked in classrooms, and with children and their families to answer all of their education related questions, including academics and social interactions. Please contact us to find out more about these services.


Landfall and Discovery

Landfall and Discovery

(Across the Chasm of Time Book 1,2,3,4,5,6) 

Deep in the past a survey ship visits the last planet of a twelve planet mission; the third planet of a lone yellow star system on the outer arm of their spiral galaxy. But the ship is badly damaged during landing as a massive volcano unexpectedly erupts beneath the ship. The rescue ship arrives bearing repair parts and an edict that all personnel are to return home immediately. Intrigue and suspicions are kindled when the ships engineers discover a plot to sabotage the ship. The captain has to make a hard decision to safeguard those he cares about.
Daniel Cleary is a young man about to realize his dreams when everything suddenly goes wrong. Uncle Jake passes away, his girlfriend dumps him, and he loses his job. He then learns he is the sole beneficiary of his Uncles estate but is required to move into and maintain those properties in the small city of Durango, Colorado; a long way from his home town in Ohio. Couldn’t be all bad, he thinks; he already knows one person in town, a waitress by the name of Ann Lyndes. More bad news, Ann thinks there’s a conspiracy surrounding not only Jake’s death, but that of Jake’s parents as well. And well she might, her father disappeared, and her mother was found murdered when she was only five. Fearing for their lives these two kindred souls come together when they find out the terrible secret of what is really hidden in the mine.

About M. L. Humphrey

Hi there Sci Fi fans, my name is Maurice Humphrey.
I am a Vermont native, husband, father, grandfather, Navy veteran, retired IBM engineer, retired printer repairman, Graduated: Goddard Jr. College, VT Technical College, and Trinity College. Over the years I’ve written technical articles, taught technical classes, and presented at technical conventions.
I’ve been reading science fiction for over 50 years now. First books were “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” by Jules Verne and “The Stars Are Ours” by Andre Norton. I’ve read and collected many great stories, and a considerable amount of junk ones as well. I’d say by now that I probably have a good idea of what I consider a good story.

My blog address is:, check here for news on upcoming books and events.

More books from M.L. Humphrey
The Cornish Talisman Series
(Book 1,2,3)

Once there was a race of people that had ranged throughout the star ways of our galaxy, they were called the Predecessors. Occasionally space explorers would find one of their abandoned ships; little more than a rusted out hulk, the centuries of disuse leaving little evidence of its former grandeur. But where had they gone? Jasom Kingston is a fifteen-year-old boy on the Kings’ Quest, a small exploring ship sent out to explore a star system further out on the galactic arm from their home world of Evenset. Arial, the nineteen-year-old daughter of the ship’s captain is Jasom’s competition when it comes to explorations, but also the girl he secretly has a crush on. During a training mission Jasom discovers something mysterious hidden amongst the jagged rocks that comprise a belt of cosmic debris between the orbits of the fourth and fifth planets of this yellow star, so far from home. How had it come to be there? As the crew decides to return to Evenset to enlist help, Jasom is allowed to use the ship’s small flyer to retrieve a satellite they had placed in orbit around the third planet. Things escalate when the Queryl, a mysterious and inimical race of beings from an unknown part of the galaxy, attack the King’s Quest. Will Jasom make it back to the ship in time? How will the ship deal with the dangerous Queryl? Beep…beep, Jasom receives a message, it’s not what he expected. He reads… Queryl onslaught imminent. Invoking emergency protocol Q-stat. Your orders are to proceed using protocol R-stat. Love mom. All he could remember about the R-stat protocol were a few words that are new to him: Nashua, Montana, 1952…

A Shout behind the Iron Bars

A Shout behind the Iron Bars 

A-Shout-behind-the-Iron-Bars - Alexandru Bochis-Borsanu
“A Shout behind the Iron Bars” is a genuine revolt and indignation of a man who was formed, trained and specialized to fight terrorism, the most seasoned criminals, some of which had international resonance, referred to by the author in the book. In a moment of desperation “the prisoner” starts a hunger strike, which began unnoticed even completely ignored by those who incarcerated him, risking the health and lives.
The diversion created in those days induced in people’s minds confusions that have led to manifest or act recklessly or even hostile. For example, the ambulance doctor who accused him of terrorism, influenced by his torturers. Subsidiary, from the book transpires the “Transylvanian” spirit of the author, his fortitude in getting freedom, his knowledge in the science of law and faith in God.
The content of the book is brisk and often involves unique sequences from the author’s profession about the cases he solved. It is an easy read, being written in an accessible language.
It is recommended for adults, wistful elders, thrill seekers, participants in the events of December ’89 but especially young people, because they too have the right to know the truth.
Romanian edition available
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The Heart of Time

The Heart of Time 

The Heart of Time is a children’s fiction, supernatural novel on a necklace that holds the power to let the dead reach Paradise.
One person has to sacrifice their afterlife to hold the real world and afterlife together. That person wears The Heart of Time and lives in an empty in-between world. For the past few centuries, the transition was easy, but moments before Amber’s death, the Heart of Time gets in the wrong hands and stops the transition from the real life to afterlife.
Now, it is up to Amber, to be strong and fix this problem. The ghosts are relying on her and the longer she takes, the more the ghosts overflow and some . . . disappear.
Follow Amber, as she embarks on a journey where she struggles with herself and her best friend, and learns to sacrifice and stay determined.

Go Unleashed

Go Unleashed: I couldn’t keep up with Mrs Jones…so I tripped her 

Go_Unleashed_Cover_for_Kindle - Copy
Do you know someone who needs a smile? This Christmas season, give a gift that keeps giving! The gift of laughter is the perfect size gift! A collection of hilarious stories. The stories are real, written by a mom and wife, who thought she was going crazy all alone, until she reached out and discovered so many more. This is the perfect book for the bathroom. Hide from the kids and Go Unleashed! Because that, my friend, is good parenting!! From the author of the blog that made your cheeks hurt from laughing: Mrs Doherty Unleashed.
Eva Rose

November 21, 2012

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Nell M

December 19, 2012

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Mr. Penland

November 30, 2012

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Virgo’s Partners and Friends



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Tesla’s Patents

Tesla’s Patents

The United-States Collection

by Marien Fournier



Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest genius of all time and a true visionary. He gave us the foundation on which our modern technological society was built. He was an inventor, a physicist, an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer, and a futurist.
In is life, he cumulate 112 patents in the United-States and many others worldwide. He was the major contributor to the development of commercial electricity. Practically all electricity in the world today is generated, transmitted, and turned into mechanical power by means of Tesla’s inventions.
The Tesla polyphase inventions are, without question, the most important single group of inventions in the whole field of electrical engineering. Tesla’s patents and theoretical work also formed the basis of wireless communication, the radio, the television, the radar, the remote control, the robotic, to name a few.
Everyone who study or research in the field of electrodynamic must learn about the work of Nikola Tesla. This Multi-Touch book was produced to help address this need. It combine a full-text searchable collection of the U.S. patents that has been granted to Tesla and a portal to access easily web resources for informations, eBooks, books and movies related to the work and life of Tesla.
This combination of patents and web resources make this book an outstanding reference and learning tool. It is a major addition to any science and engineering library.

Interactive edition for iPad, textbook.